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Are you serious about getting your health back?

Then come meet at NO charge !

End pain now – Live pain free!

Painfree during your vacation. Tourists welcome. Consult is free!!

Schmerzfrei im urlaub. Touristen wilkommen. Beratung ist kostenlos!!

Chiropractic with a +

At Lifestyle Chiropractic we believe in the personal approach. As far as your health is concerned, we want what you want.

And on the plus side? We are the first in the Netherlands to be certified in the Zone technique. We have fantastic results with those who want to feel better fast. All health issues improve when your brain and body are in balance.

Are you curious to find out if chiropractic can help with your health issue?

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We are the first in the Netherlands to be certified in the Zone technique. The first consultation is to find out exactly what is going on and how we may be able to help. the zone techniekThe first consult is to find out if you can benefit from chiropractic care.

Our prices

We find that chiropractic should be available for everyone and therefore we keep our fees reasonable.

Advantages of our practice

  • Unique Technique Treatment method
  • No waiting list
  • No doctor’s referral needed
  • Easy to contact

For who?

Chiropractic is safe, effective, natural and has helped millions of people live a higher quality of life.

At our practice we also treat babies and children. The Zone technique is very safe, gentle and effective.

Do you want to know if Chiropractic is for you?

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Sleeping problems













What health issues do we treat?

Our chiropractors can determine if one or more of the 6 zones is out of balance by feeling 6 points on the back of the head. By gently stimulating 4 areas of the spinal chord the zone is back in balance and your body can again self heal and self regulate and symptoms diminish. We strive to help our clients reach an optimal state of health.

The following health issues are treated with great results:

  • NBack pain
  • NNeck Pain
  • NHeadaches/Migrains
  • NShoulder pain
  • NAsthma
  • NBedplassen
  • NConstipatie
  • NEpilepsie
  • NHernia
  • NIschias
  • NKaakproblemen
  • NKoliek
  • NScoliose
  • NJoint inflammation/Arthritis
  • NEar infections
  • NLow energy
  • NSleeping problems
  • NZwangerschap
  • NConcentratie
  • NSchouderbladen
  • NWhiplash
  • NRugoperatie voorkomen
  • NLeerproblemen
  • NLuchtwegproblemen
  • NMuisarm

Are you suffering from one of these symptoms?

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