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1: How can I schedule or cancel my chiropractic appointments?

Have you never visited us before? Then we would like to schedule a free initial consultation. It is best to call +31 71 36 47 830 for this. You can also schedule an appointment online, first create an account. Are you already a client with us? You can easily schedule appointments online via our website. Choose the option: existing clients.

2: What conditions treats a chiropractor?

Chiropractic is 100% safe solution for many complaints such as back pain, headache, hernia, shoulder pain and neck pain. But also for intestinal complaints, dizziness and concentration problems.

3: Are there any chiropractic specialists?

Certainly! Ken Koehler is a licensed chiropractor with over 25 years of experience. He has been living and working in the Netherlands for more than 20 years. In addition, he is certified in the Zone Technique, with which we achieve even faster results. Ken is always aware of the latest developments in health and chiropractic. We are happy to guide you to a life without pain and/or complaints.

4: How do I know if my health insurance covers chiropractic treatments?

Our chiropractic treatments are normally covered by additional insurance, alternative medicine. It is best to call your health insurer. You can request the invoices from us after treatment (by e-mail or printed out) and declare them with your health insurer.

5: What can I expect during my consultation?

During the first free consultation we will ask some questions to find out if we can help you. The chiropractor will also check your spine. The consultation takes about 20 minutes. If the chiropractor decides that chiropractic is the solution for your problem, you can immediately start treatment.

6: How many treatments do I need?

We have to honest; we never know in advance. Of course, after the free initial consultation, we will give advice with a, estimate. How many treatments you need depends on your lifestyle, work, age and history of complaints and accidents. The human body is designed to heal itself, often faster than you might think. Many clients notice a positive difference within two weeks.

7: What is that cracking sound and is it painful?

Chiropractic is not painful. The cracking sound you can hear sometimes, is a gas mixture that moves around, when we put the vertebrae in the right place. So it’s not your bones or vertebrae that you hear. Moving this air or gas is harmless and not painful.

8: How do I know if I / my family need chiropractic?

We can help anyone with chiropractic. Whether you are looking for relief from complaints, want overall better health, or to excel in your sport or hobby. With chiropractic and the Zone Technique we bring your body into balance. If you are in balance, you have no complaints and will function for 100%. Most clients come as a preventive measure. Better save then sorry! Do you want to know what we can do for you? Make an appointment for a first consultation. We are here for you.

Advantages of our practice

  • Unique treatment method
  • No waiting list
  • No doctor’s referral needed
  • Easy to contact

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