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About Lifestyle Chiropractic

Lifestyle Chiropractic is the number 1 chiropractor in Noordwijk.

Lifestyle Chiropractic in Noordwijk has been the chiropractic practice of choice in the Noordwijk region since 1995. Our patients come from the ‘Bollenstreek’ and surrounding areas.

Our Lifestyle Chiropractic team ensures a warm and friendly welcome with expert and personalized treatments. Together, they constitute the added value of Lifestyle Chiropractic.

Ken and Mark are our certified chiropractors. Jolanda and Kelly work together to support the chiropractors. They are your first point of contact.

Lifestyle Chiropractic

The team of Lifestyle Chiropractic in Noordwijk

Dr. Ken Koehler

Owner and chiropractor

Ken Koehler is a chiropractor and the owner of Lifestyle Chiropractic. Ken is the first chiropractor in the Netherlands to be certified in the Zone technique. He lives and has been working in the Netherlands for more than 26 years. He is a member of the Dutch Chiropractic Federation and in 2015 was voted chiropractor of the year. Ken regularly attends and gives seminars to stay informed over the latest developments in health and well being.

Foto Mark

Dr. Mark Allen


30 years ago, I traded my passion for cycling into a passion for Chiropractic. For more than 20 years I have been working in Holland. I have studied numerous techniques and treated diverse patients in five different countries. I enjoy working with all sorts of patients to help them achieve their goals. The Zone technique is the most effective and efficient manner to obtain optimal health and maximize performance that I have experienced as a Chiropractor. It balances the mind and body and allows natural healing.

I am happy to be in Noordwijk with an excellent team. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, cycling, walking the dogs and working in the garden and around the house.

Linda Hessing


Chiropractic Assistent

I am Jolanda.

I worked in Noordwijk for many years, 15 years in hospitality, a clothing store, and 11 years in a butcher shop.

After a colon surgery, I found my way to Lifestyle Chiropractic and am now free from complaints after having to take medication for many years. I am currently working to help people have a similar positive experience as I did.


Office manager

Hi, I am Kelly! I have been living in the Netherlands again for 5 years now, after spending 17 years in California.

I obtained my diploma in veterinary medicine as a veterinary assistant and worked in that field for 9 years, thoroughly enjoying it. I also worked in the hospitality industry for many years around that time. I love being around people and ensuring that customers always leave happy.

After struggling with hip issues for a long time, I finally found relief after visiting Ken, and that’s how I ended up working here in the practice as a staff member.



I coach through awareness to empower you.

You become aware of your beliefs or survival mechanisms that hold you back or keep you small. We identify the underlying reasons and heal them so that you can approach life with more openness and align with what truly suits you. External pressures diminish, and your inner strength grows. This brings vitality to life!

Specializations: All types of loss, vital mourning and the path forward. Finding your essence (who am I & what do I want) and living according to it; brings vitality. Accredited Postgraduate Professional Coach Training, Systemic coaching (including constellations), child coaching (including inner child work), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, Smattapping).

I am an expat’s daughter, an expert in various types of loss, burnout & bore-out, and a lover of life. Everyone faces setbacks in life. It is my mission to help people regain their strength so that they can live life vibrantly again. I have succeeded, and I wish the same for you!

**FREE INTRODUCTORY MEETING, because like you, I value the ‘click’**

Vital regards, Mariel.




Hi, I’m Evie,
I live in Noordwijk, am doing the All-round beautician training and have almost completed this training.
I am already certified for several things, such as relaxing massages, eyebrow tinting, modeling and henna brows.