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Lifestyle Chiropractic in Noordwijk

On the page you will find our address, contact details and opening hours

Lifestyle Chiropractic

Lifestyle Chiropractic

Prins Bernhardstraat 54
2202 LJNoordwijk

Bank account number: NL91INGB0662980093
Camber of commerce: 28071156

Opening times (by appointment only)

13:00 – 18:00
07:30 – 14:00
13:00 – 18:00
15:00 – 18:00
13:00 - 16:00


    Accessibility of public transport

    Whether you travel by train or bus, public transport in Noordwijk offers you the opportunity to easily get to Lifestyle Chiropractic. Plan your trip in advance and enjoy the convenience of public transport as you make your way to Prins Bernhardstraat 54.

    Station Voorhout
    Option 1: Bus 385

    Station Sassenheim
    Option 1: Bus 385

    Station Hillegom
    Option 1: Bus 57 , than bus 385
    Option 2: Sprinter Den Haag Centraal, than bus 385
    Option 3: Bus 57, than bus 90

    Station Leiden Centraal
    Option 1: Bus 20
    Option 2: Bus 21

    Our practice at Prins Bernardstraat 54 in Noordwijk

    Our practice at Prins Bernhardstraat 54 in Noordwijk is located in a lively and attractive environment. Located in the heart of Noordwijk, this neighborhood offers a variety of activities and attractions that ensure an enjoyable experience.

    Before or after your treatment at Lifestyle Chiropractic in Noordwijk, you can enjoy various beaches and nature reserves. Within a 10-minute walk from Lifestyle Chiropractic you can enjoy the sand between your toes, the refreshing sea breeze and the breathtaking view of the North Sea.

    In the immediate vicinity of Prins Bernhardstraat 54 you will also find a variety of shops, boutiques, restaurants and cafés. Whether you are looking for a cozy place to have lunch, enjoy a delicious dinner or shop for unique items, there is something for everyone. You can also explore the charming streets, full of characteristic buildings and historic architecture, which give the Noordwijk area a special atmosphere.