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Welcome to Lifestyle Chiropractie

The number 1 chiropractor in Noordwijk

At Lifestyle Chiropractic we believe in chiropractic with a personal approach. We will always customize our care to your needs.

What does a chiropractor do?

The chiropractic philosophy is based on the fact that the body is self healing and self regulating. The system of the body that monitors healing and function is the central nervous system. Any interference in the nervous system and the body cannot self heal or self regulate. The art and science of chiropractic is to re-balance the nervous system with adjustments to the spinal column. The body can again self heal and self regulate.

We are proud to be the first practice in the Netherlands to be certified in the Zone technique. With this technique our chiropractors are able to help our clients resolve most health issues. Life is too short so why not live it with perfect health.

Adjustment method zone techniek

By stimulating 4 areas of the spinal chord the chiropractor can bring the zone back to balance. The body can now self regulate and self heal again. This helps with all kinds of health issues including headaches, back pain, sleeping problems, low energy, and weak immune function to name a few.


Chiropractic is for everyone


A health care plan suited to your goals


25 years experience with the unique proven adjustment technique

Chiropracties consult

Your first visit

During the first consult we ask questions to get a clear insight into your health problem and your health history. We examine your health issues with a very unique method called the Zone technique. Should we find it is an issue we can resolve we will talk about a plan of care best suited to reach your health goals.

A health care plan suited to your goals

Every patient is unique and the same complaint of many patients doesn’t mean the same care for every patient. We are dedicated to great results as quickly as possible.

Our care is generally in 3 phases

#1: Relief care

The goal here is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible. The adjustment schedule is more frequent during this period.


#2: Corrective care

Feeling better means your body is returning to normal function. The adjustments are less frequent and some home exercises may be added to help with stability.


#3: Wellness care

Some of our clients feel so great under chiropracic care they never want to go back to the way they felt before. They continue with wellness care which is generally 1x or 2x a month.


Client Experience

“Ken helped my body and mind. I feel 20 years younger. I came in with neck pain and dizziness. Especially when bending forward. I also had problems walking and everything is totally better after only 4 adjustments. The whole team is friendly and professional.”

Do you want to know if Chiropractic is for you?

Contact Jolanda or Kelly for more information.

Call 071 364 78 30 or send us an email:  [email protected].