The first consult with the chiropractor

1) Appointment with the chiropractor

During the first consult we ask questions to get a clear insight in your health complaint and your medical history.

2) Examination of complaint

The chiropractor will conduct an examination of the
nervous system.

3) Further examination

Als tijdens het eerste consult subluxaties gevonden zijn, gaan we in overleg door met een vervolgonderzoek. Dit onderzoek bestaat uit een aantal testen die meer inzicht geven in de functie van het zenuwstelsel.

De kosten hiervoor zijn eenmalig €75,-

4) Personal treatment plan

Through the history, examination and tests we will create a personal treatment plan. After this we will make an appointment for the first treatment.

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Counceling & Advise

Personal conversation

Is this your first experience with chiropractic? Your care is our care. We will start with listening to your complaint, give an honest answer about the possible results and we look forward to providing chiropractic care to you. Here are some experiences of other clients that might say more.

Counceling by our chiropractic

The chiropractic takes time during every treatment to provide you with advise on the field of health, attitude and food. This combination is important to realise an optimal recovery.

Treatment from a chiropractic

Chiropractic is a natural way of medicine. A chiropractic makes use of typical methods. The most recognizable is a manual applied correction: by applying pressure on a specific place in an aimed direction, with the goal to eliminate unnatural movement paterns or limitations.

Personal treatment plan

Every patient is unique and the same complaint at multiple patients doesn't mean the same treatment for every patient. Each patient will be actively involved at their treatment and gets additional advise & support to recover to the best of their ability.

Welke klachten herkent u?

Phases of treatment

Our treatments constitutes mostly of 3 fases:

#1: Correction/Start Phase

In this phase, we provide the pain relief. The treatments are short and often more frequent to let the body get used to the new movement pattern.

#2: Stable phase

At the stable fase we stimulate the muscles and vertibrae to function normal again. In many cases you will pick up your daily activities.

#3:Preventive phase

We provide for an optimal frequency of treatment, whereby we can periodically assess your spine and prevent further complaints.

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Astrid van Dijk

After 30 years of backpain, caused by work, i have turned to chiropractic lifestyle. I have been there before because my daughter has been treated as well. After 2 treatments I already discovered changes, and now, already for two months, I can tell because of the "Magic Hands" of Ken, I hardly have any pain left. I can recommend Lifestyle Chiropractic to everybody...

Anna Krokowicz

Dear Lifestyle Chiropractic, Ken has changed my body and mind! I feel 20 year younger, I came in with neck complaints and became dizzy as soon as i bended my head and had problems with walking as well. This is all gone! And this all after 4 times treatment, i am very satisfied, about the staff as well. They are very friendly and professional.

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